EVENT: Sunday Series.

Experience an evening of excess embodied.

Dusty Flower Shop.
7-9.30 pm. 8$

Okay, but Kyra… you haven’t really explained what this is…
And of course the answer is because I don’t know! However, I am down to explore this as an experience and to figure it out as a collective. I am certain as this evolves, it might be more clear – or not! It might remain a mess, but let’s make it a compassionate one.

Here’s what I do know!
I want to experience more vulnerability, more risk-taking and more failure in live performance.
I want to provide a space for supportive feedback with an enthusiastic audience.
I want to eat weird food (’cause I think there is a potluck element to this experience…does anyone remember my experimental pie phase?)
It’s intimate; only 30 folks can be in the space at the same time.
No alcohol will be served.
No children.
I’m nervous this will suck and no one will come…

This might change, but I’ve got to fail start somewhere:

if you want to attend:
-first come, first serve
-8$ cash at the door. No change will be provided.

if you want to perform:
-as above
-you self-identify as queer
-please fill out this application in advance


March 19, 2023


March 26, 2023


April 2, 2023


April 9, 2023


April 16, 2023